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November 05, 2008


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His hubris will be at least a bit restrained I think by the intense scrutiny of the "new media" and by the fact that, thank heavens, the Dems did not get the super-majority they sought in the Senate! In the meantime, the solemn gaze of the beauteous Tiny makes all of the angst of this historic day somehow more bearable.

You may all commence jealousy incidentally. In my office we will have a 4-day weekend. Monday the 19th is a Federal holiday (Martin Luther King's remembrance day) and then, quite fittingly, the Inauguration will occur on Tuesday the 20th! In D.C. it is required that all office buildings be closed on Inauguration Day. I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to that 4 days off!

If Senator Obama has accomplished nothing else, he has driven the last nail into the coffin of the Clinton presidency!

Kate Smith sang "God Bless America." I sing God help America.

This leopard will not change his stripes: his early job offer of Chief of Staff has already shown that; the fact that he has a Chicago Daley on his transition team simply reinforces the knowledge that old school liberalism will prevail for the next four years. After eight years of Republican leadership, the leftist illuminati will flex their muscles.

My concerns are mostly about the social issues this will effect - assisted suicide, abortion legislation - more even than the inevitable rise of an even bigger government.

America was founded to establish democracy instead of monarchy. But bureaucracy has replaced the crown.

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