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November 07, 2008


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But what about the cautionary ad of MoveOn.org that essentially said "We raised $80 million for your campaign and now we own you!"? What about that, huh, huh?

My guess is that in order to raise the obscene amount of campaign money raised by Obama, he has sold himself - body, soul and ears - to everyone out there willing to purchase their own piece of the prez! This is a polyester nightmare kind of presidency coming up.

And even when they are fussing at each other, those two cats are GORGEOUS!

As a long time Chicagoan and registered independent (with conservative leanings), I was actually pleased to see Obama pick Emanuel. That puts at least one anti-appeaser on his staff. I may not agree with Emanuel on everything, but I certainly respect his decisiveness and get'er done attitude.

We shall have to watch carefully through these uncertain times and hope freedom remains.

Seems to be the right choice to me.He knows how to get things done,he won't take any crap from anybody and he'll tell the President the truth,something the outgoing one could have used.Sounds like a good start to me.I was encouraged by the press conference today as well.

Tiny and Baby are soooo distracting! Not only to me but to Sabby whose back leg is in my lap, claw on my leg, and front paw on the keyboard. He's trying to get to the monitor because I've scrolled down to comments and he can't see them.

Now I've forgotten what I wanted to write about the newly appointed Rahmadan of Obamadan who only has nine fingers and loves to dance on his tippy toes a few days a week and finds rest by elbowing his fellow dems on subsequent days.

Does it really matter what Republidans want now that they have been completely and utterly brought to their knees?

Yes, I'm cranky but Obama already fell short in his "spirit of conciliation" today by making fun of Nancy Reagan.

He really doesn't want a dog in the White House either. Poor little daughters.

Okay, okay, Sabby. I'll hit post.

Tiny and Baby are so cute!! We cats should rule the world and things would be better!!
Your FL furiends,

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