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November 22, 2008


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I doubt any kind of slaughter is pleasant for most people, but the facts are that if there wasn't controls on animals, they would populate and starve to death. That seems a much crueler fate. I know I won't feel guilty on Thursday.

I think this just testifies to how removed the average American is from day to day farm life. It's really due, in part I think, both to the compartmentalization of society, but also to the elitist separation between snobby intellectuals and the hard-working lower classes - like watching Paris Hilton on her "Real Life" reality show, visiting dairy farms.

Since when is butchering poultry an extreme sport? I suppose one could mark the growth of post-war suburbia as a time when agricultural life receded into a comfortable, distant background. The liberal illuminati may not like where their turkey dinner comes from, but then Al Gore has a fuel-guzzling private jet, too, so consistency hasn't exactly been their strong suit.

This story takes me back to the days on the farm in the 1940' when we killed our oun chickens to eat.

RetroR has got it. I'm astounded, though I shouldn't be, that someone can actually be serious about condemning Palin for this in any serious way -- well, at least if they're going to be eating turkey this Thursday. That's where food comes from, kids! Butterballs don't grow on trees.

I'm with goomp; I remember killing our own chickens, turkeys, rabbits... though some things were shipped off to the butcher's for obvious reasons.

That's food. Until I name it. ;)

Unfortunately, it takes very little more than her parting her hair wrong for the leftist illuminati to criticize Sarah. It's pretty ridiculous. She DOES live in Alaska, not New York City

Reasonable people know that there is such a thing as a food chain. Apparently the appalled reporters are even more deficient in education than we ever knew. heh.

Of course - isn't it interesting that the film crew managed to get pictures of the other turkeys being prepared for market in the background. There was no where else to have the interview? Last time I looked, Alaska was a pretty large state - I'm sure that even on the turkey farm they could have moved to a different area to do this. *sigh*

And once again... Republicans fail to take the perfidious press into account. It's simply fodder for the idiot news people. After all the brouhaha during the election campaign, you'd think someone would make an effort to take "appearances" into account. But like the press, I guess I'm aiming a little too high for clueless politicians who never seem to learn. *sigh*

I understand your point Teresa, but I like the Palin "this is who I am, this is where I live" persona too.

One does not have to go back to the '40s with Goomp, as I well remember "helping" my Mom and Dad skin, gut, butcher, wrap, and freeze deer meat which fed us through several winters before we were able to afford to buy a beef already cut and packaged for our freezer.

I also remember many meatless meals of beans, potatoes, and cornbread.

It pains me to think so, but perhaps I am getting old.

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