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November 08, 2008


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Sissy, you've touched on something even deeper than the attempt to take Sarah Palin down by Carl Cameron and company, and dare I say, even John McCain himself.

It was Sarah Palin, not John McCain, who attracted the crowds that rivaled Obama. This fact had to worry the moderate Republican strategists who knew that John McCain would not have had a chance without her.

It was Carl Cameron who nearly derailed the election of George W. Bush in 2000 when he broke the story of the DUI. Interesting that he played a role in this nasty event.

Democrats are demanding that conservatives be fair and balanced with Obama and yet the nasty rumor based reporting on Sarah Palin goes on, unhinged, thanks to the fragging of anonymous insiders in the McCain campaign. Still, John McCain says nothing.


The dehumanization of a real conservative woman who stirred the conservative movement like nobody else could.

Sarah Palin is being sent a big message. I hope she doesn't listen. I hope we don't listen.

I hope the American people don't listen.

I guess it is human to dehumanize those we despise. Think of the interpretation I give to the term "Liberals" and MSM. Far below what I would consider human.

Sarah Palin is the equivalent of Sarah Connor. The Dems (and the Rinos) know how dangerous she is, and she must be destroyed by any means necessary, lest she give birth to a new grass-roots conservative movement in America....That would make Obama, his water carriers the Mainstream Media, as well as the Rinos, the equivalent of SkyNet....

Sissy, something happened when I posted last night. I was very inattentive to my name and my computer was not being cooperative.
Zipity, the Sarah Connor comparison is genius. I read Peter Hitchen's article this morning about the election and it's a pretty sober read.

He concludes that it won't be long before our country joins Britain as just another Third World country. (Peter Hitchens is Christopher Hitchen's brother.)

I have unending faith in the REAL American people - as exemplified by Sarah Palin and her family, the people I meet online, the people I live near in Central Virginia and so forth. Remember - a LOT of us voted for John McCain. All is not lost.

Especially as long as there is a Scottish Terrier named Barney!

I second that motion, we haven't given up. We've got to batten down the hatches and regroup. The real America that cherishes individual freedom, liberty and self-reliance isn't going anywhere. If anything, I've got a feeling that the next four years will prove how precious and essential these values are.

The media didn't crucify Sarah Barracuda, those low-life Republican campaign people did. "McCain himself has privately expressed sadness and displeasure." What caa-caa! I'm enormously disappointed that McCain - who criticized his supporters within a matter of hours for using BHO's middle name or for mentioning Rev. Jeremiah - hasn't made a public statement to support Sarah. That is very telling. She's amazing and I hope we see a lot of her in the future.

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