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November 12, 2008


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Ah, a subject near and dear to our hearts -- economics. Wouldn't it be great if microeconomics were taught at the high school level. Imagine algebra courses using equilibrium price calculations to teach simultaneous equations. Think of what that might lead to -- discussions of the disasterous effects of price supports and price ceilings. Or... who pays the windfall profits tax soon to be imposed on the oil companies? Why, the possibilities are limitless.

Sissy - the idea of a train trip for pure pleasure is absolutely enchanting. I love the sound of trains, in fact a train track runs right behind my property and the trains are going to and fro 24/7 - commuter and freight both. I don't really even hear them any longer, although Sam the Wonder Cat is still utterly enthralled by them!

Great pics by the way.

I'd like a dime for each time
I've heard it mentioned
That the road to Hell is
Paved with Good Intentions.

It is. And as it winds toward Hades' shores,
Remember that the Eco-Conscious Fellows
Will get out the supplies and make S'mores,
And use the fires of Hell to melt marshmallows!

The idea that Obama is a proponent of unity is preposterous: take a look at his mentor's tactics: Saul Alinsky. The road to power is to divide and conquer.

And the only way to introduce conservative values into the educational system is to infuse those values into the system that educates teachers: universities and colleges. And how that'll be accomplished is beyond me: the leftist illuminati have had a firm grip on those institutions for decades. Tenure isn't always a good thing.

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