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November 20, 2008


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You have described the problem which freedom faces in a most explicit essay. Capitalism is a grossly misused term .Capitalism means using money, capital to provide the means to produce more than an individual can do by himself. All modern nations, be they Socialist, Communist, Dictatorships or Democracies are capitalistic. The big difference is that in a free nation the Capitalism is run by Free Enterprise. Free Enterprise is the most productive and produces more for its citizens. Barney Frank is the antithesis of Free Enterprise. People who elect his type year after year are destroying Free Enterprise and deserve the pain and suffering which awaits them.

Excellent essay! I can't even look at Frank; someone else has to do that for me.

OH, and Goomp needs a blog!! :)

Pam: Goomp emails in response to your comments:

"You do the work of blogging, and I have the fun of commenting. The privilege of old age. What a thrill the Libs will have being able to look at Waxman as well as Barney."

Dear merciful heavens - I may have to stop watching the news altogether. Waxman and Frank are two of the most unlovely creatures on Planet Earth!

goomp - whether you blog or comment, just like Sissy, Tuck, Baby and Tiny - you are a cherished treasure to us all!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! We're having shrimp, mozzarella and scallop pizza with garlic, basil and heirloom tomato added after it comes out of the oven! Why be traditional when it's only me and the ever lovely Sis Linda?

Barney Frank: Putting the "Blo" in "Bloviating" since 1982!

Barney Frank appears to be under the delusion that he is playing Monopoly with the United States of America. Heaven help us if he manages to get Boardwalk. What the leftist illuminati will do is raise taxes for everyone, no matter how much money you have, no matter how many properties you have: they'll bail out another player at your personal expense, and tell you they're not punishing your success, at the same time.

Depression - with people like Barney Frank in charge, it will be a depression. We'll be too busy paying taxes to afford anything else.

So that's why your next post features your very photogenic cats - to counteract the image of Frank.

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