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November 30, 2008


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It seems that the liberal religion has replaced Christianity as the dominant religion in much of Academia and in the MSM. They are more vehement in their proclamation of their faith than the most ardent Born-again Christians and as such a grave threat to the freedom that we have known.

As I keep saying, the Republican's lack of understanding or willful lack of effective use of the MSM has always been their downfall. Who is the only Republican who ever had any type of media savvy? Why Ronald Reagan - he is long gone. Yet not a single Republican has stepped in to fill the gap.

Not one.

Until they get this figured out, the Republicans will only be winning offices based on how badly the Democrats are bungling their side. This does not get the Republicans anywhere because winning through the opponent being even more inept than you are - means you won't be able to accomplish a thing once in office.

Oddly enough I was reading that there also was not a lot of extra people voting - over and above the norm. This means that the usual people voted and they didn't like what the Republicans were presenting - what a shock... not. McCain's campaign and the "debates" were poorly done. They let the press run with the bit between their teeth and made little effort to turn anything to their advantage. *sigh*

As for the youth vote. They have to have a reason to go vote. With the election of Obama - that "reason" is now history. You won't get them out to vote for "the first black President" ever again. Maybe the first woman President... but that depends. Mostly they can't be bothered.

The fact is that most people are so completely engrossed in their own lives, their own problems and their own little worlds that unless and until something really major (like 9/11) imposes itself on their consciousness, there is little to no attention being paid. This is the norm rather than people like us who are the exception and actually do become passionate about what is going on in the world around us.

Perhaps emulating the more narrow concerns of a Tiny or a Babe (or a Sam the Wonder Cat) is a more comfortable way to go - but in the long run, hardly as productive. Still, their transcendent beauty is always a major relief as I trundle over here each day. What beautiful creatures!

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