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October 11, 2008


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We who live on the seacoast know the saying, "Don't give up the ship".

Thanks, Sissy. I learned a new word today: ailurophilic. It may come in handy next time I play Free Rice.

Speaking of the thugocracy and attacks on free speech... Obama is merely building on a base that's been constructed over time by his compadres. In school over the years, my kids spent more time learning what you can't say because it might hurt someone's feelings or be socially, racially, politically, environmentally incorrect than they did on the First Amendment. Time to get back to basics.

Speaking of activism, I'm glad there are conservative blogs like yours.

Awesome photo Sissy. I'm following in my grandmother's footsteps. I joined the Republican womens group this past Friday. My McCain/Palin sign was stolen the day after I put it up so I have visited the local Republican headquarters often this week.

I have been talking to the people at the headquarters and they are really cool people who are willing to spend their time for a good cause.

My grandmother spent her time every election day at a precinct watching the election to make sure no shenanigans were taking place.

On the other hand, I spent a very entertaining 10 minutes on Saturday dealing with my young lawn care professional (10 years old and VERY entrepreneurial) over the PLACEMENT of my McCain/Palin yard sign - he felt it wasn't being displayed to maximum advantage and he moved it several times until he was completely satisfied. There IS hope folks!

He also greatly admired my new tee shirt (I'm a bitter voter clinging to my guns and my God with a picture of Sarah Palin on it - gets me LOTS of attention).

The picture of the Babe is spectacular as always. I now have it as my desktop background!

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