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October 30, 2008


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Sounds to me like a birthday party of people who love each other.

Sixty-eight trips 'round the Sun for the Tuckster? Glory be! I never would've guessed...seeing as how 68 is the new 48.

My best wishes on the Happy Occasion...for both you and Tuck, for a happy couple you seem to be. May you both enjoy many, many more, without limit to any good thing.

All that sounds so good, I think you should start a separate cooking blog for those of us whose tummies are rumbling now.

I really think I might try that carrot thing, too, for Buck (our husbands rhyme! who woulda thought?), the vegetarian.

Oh, what a wonderful description of "a birthday party of people who love each other." It is the love part that shone through.

Happy 68, Tuck. Many, many more years of happiness and health.

Carol and Alan

Every birthday is a cause of celebration and Sissy, you did it up right.

Happy birthday Tuck

What a blessed couple you two appear to be. And my goodness Sissy - your Tuck is a very good looking man! I would never have guessed 68.

Seems to me that living with Tiny and the Babe (living with or being subservient to - that is the question) agrees with both of you. What lovely people you are.

Happy birthday Tuck. And scritches to the estimable felines in residence in Chelsea by the Sea.

Happy Happy Birthday Tuck - I would never have guessed it was 68! LOL. Sounds like it was a terrifically fun evening all around. Yay!!!

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