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October 25, 2008


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If the con man so well described by Tom Sowell wins, the "Shining City Upon a Hill" is in real danger, as pointed out by Dr. Sanity in her Oct. 25 post. Character is always more important in the end than style. A socialist government that suppresses freedom leads to disaster, not security.

Ahhh, thanks, Sissy.

I have been trying to condense in my mind who obambi reminds me of in a charachter out of classic literature. The shining city on a hill illusion in the article finally zeroed it in for me..Mordred. The bastard son returned, using the very law of the land to destroy the city from within and convert it to his warped sense of vengence.

If ANYONE planning to vote for Obama would really just look at his campaign's behavior vis-a-vis people who ask him any kind of tough questions - whether a Joe the Plumber or that female reporter in West Palm Beach. The sheer jackbooted overreaction!

When I apply for a job, my entire life history is required by the potential employer: college transcripts, certificates, even my credit report (which I find offensive) and I must sign an I-9 certifying that I am eligible to work in this country. And the potential employer has the right to check every single document - as they should! But for the job of the most powerful man in the Western hemisphere - a man who will be possessed of the nuclear football and all manner of sensitive intelligence data - we are supposed to ask nothing? Horse puckey!

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