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October 06, 2008


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Finally, I believe that since
shamefully the press did not do its job of finding out more about Obama, it is McCain 's responsibility to do it.
We know very little about Obama, what has he done all his life?

He has written two memoirs but there is not a word of his years of President of the Board of an extreme left foundation founded by Ayre ... there is a lot of explaining to be done because we need to know who is the real Obama.

Human nature, which leads so many to believe that there is no such thing as too much of a good thing, that more is never too much, produced this economic collapse, largely brought on by over borrowing, aided and abetted by the liberals of the Democrat Party. May the valiant efforts of the bloggers such as yourself reach out and inform enough voters of the catastrophe that awaits the United States should they elect Obama as their President.

This nation stands on the absolute brink right now and I am honestly terrified for the future.

All those people who sought to "teach President Bush and the Republicans a lesson" in 2006 are seeing the fruition of what they chose to do by NOT voting (which is their civic responsibility). In Ohio a Democratic Secretary of State is allowing people who are brought into the state by busloads to register AND simultaneously VOTE with no documentation of their residence. And no assurance that they won't then go back to whence they came and vote a second (or third) time! In Virginia the Governor (another Democrat) is restoring the voting rights of thousands of felons - just in time for the November election.

I think our Republic is in serious trouble folks and we need to do what we can to save it - which includes voting!

I want to know why you want to be our American President when you do not respect our flag, recite the Pledge of Allegience, or stand at attention with our National Anthem. If you are to be our Commander -in-Chief, how can you dishonor those who are in your command? I find this appalling and can't figure out what change you plan to bring. I have the impression you will let terriorists kill us and have our Armed Forces lay down their guns. I am a disabled veteran and I have little respect for anyone who thinks my service to my country is unworthy of your respect. We hear all the good things about you but noone dares question you on your non respect of America.
You probably will delete or not answer my e-mail and that's okay because other veterans feel the same way I do.

Obama needs to be stopped about the abortions. Nobody should be for them that is just wrong. McCain is too needy and wants a high powered economy when he knows its hard for people as it is i dont think there is a good choice for the Presidential elections this year AT ALL.

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