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October 05, 2008


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It is an interesting study as to whether nature or nurture is the larger contibutor to character. Certainly upbringing is a major factor but also I feel a large part is to be found in the genes. I agree that a nanny society where the theory that every thing that goes wrong is not my fault leads to irresponsibility.

Barack Hussein Obama is interviewing for the most powerful job in the world and I, as his potential employer, have every right and every responsibility to make sure that he is qualified and competent to perform that job. Therefore, his "associations" with people such as Wright, Ayers, Dohrn, Rezko, etc. are appropriate for my examination. Should he continue, as has been his practice, to tell me that these things are none of my business, then I, as his potential employer, must tell him that he is unqualified and unacceptable. Simple logic. Why is this so hard for people?

This one goes further than "Obama is my Jesus," watch the video. It's scary what his supporters think. What they teach in school leaves a lot to be desired.

Character is definitely lacking here.

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