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October 26, 2008


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I do not know if Obama is a Marxist, but I am convinced he would pursue dictatorial powers, and with a Democrat Congress he might well destroy the free election process. Let us hope our people will save our country by creating a McCain landslide.

There's more evidence that he's a Marxist than there is that he's an American.

Looks sooooo cuddly! (Tiny, not Obama…)

Joan is a wise and knowledgeable woman!

The thuggery being displayed by the Obama campaign will not be constrained should he win the election. His enablers in the U.S. Congress will run amok.

Be afraid, be very afraid. And for heavens sakes both PRAY and VOTE.

Good time to be Tiny or Baby (or Sam the Wonder Cat).

What are you people smoking?

I'm praying for Obama to win. The last time this country showed any compassion was when it was run by Democrats. Concentration of wealth in the hands of a few is a precondition to a Marxist uprising. Let's be fair and keep a free market tempered by reasonable regulation and a safety net.

If your argument is correct, tparker, how do you explain Obama's and Biden's desperate attempts to distance themselves from the very word Marxism?

They are not interested in Marxism. They are interested in creating the conditions in which Marxism is not likely to gain traction: a free market tempered by reasonable regulation and a safety net. It's the other guys who bring up Marxism and they have good reason to distance themselves.

Your cat is so cute. It's a shame you are so stupid

maralago - I've been reading this site for 4 years and have never seen anything stupid on it until YOU posted!

Barack Hussein Obama is NOT anything other than an unfit, unprepared, unprincipled poseur who wishes to become the RULER of this nation, and people like you are gullible enough to give him a chance.

It makes me very glad that I'm 66 years old and with any luck at all won't live long enough to see the utter chaos Obama's election could cause. All this babbling about justice and change was heard in Cuba in 1958 and I know that because I was there in December 1958. I was also there the day Castro marched into Havana and seized power. The Cuban people got change all right - they also got nearly 50 years of abject misery that continues to this day under the terrorist dictatorship of Fidel Castro and his even crazier brother Raul.

You are absolutely right, Gayle Miller. It seems uninformed Americans have been brainwashed into believing the culprits behind our financial problems (the Democrats, ACORN, and other fraudulent people and institutions) are "caring" because they say so!

Obama’s campaign strategies, false promises (help the poor) and slogans (CHANGE and YES WE CAN, etc.) are almost identical to those of other Marxists (Chávez of Venezuela, Morales of Bolivia, and Correa of Ecuador) who are ruining their respective countries.

Those strategies are also almost identical to those of his Marxist relative Odinga, “Your Agent for Change,” the Marxist thug who made a pact with the Muslims to institute sharia (Islamic law). Odinga’s followers killed some 1500 people and burned 800 Christian churches, including one with 50 people, many of them children inside. By supporting Odinga, Obama contributed to the massacre.

How can anyone believe that Obama is not a Marxist? There’s NO DOUBT that Obama is a Marxist. Obama’s parents and mentors were Marxists. Obama’s friends and relatives are Marxists. Obama’s false promises are those of Marxists. Obama speaks like a Marxist. Obama lies and manipulates like a Marxist. Obama’s false Christianity (based on Black Liberation Theology) is Marxist. How can anyone believe that Obama is not a Marxist?

It seems many Americans are just as clueless as the most ignorant Venezuelans, Bolivians and Ecuadorians who believed in CHANGE and YES WE CAN. Now they see that CHANGE means change toward Marxism and greater poverty and corruption. And YES WE CAN means Marxists CAN fool people.

Anybody who has ever breathed the same air as Obama is a Marxist! Marxism is like anthrax and little particles of it are even now wafting through the subways, the schools, the churches, the Internet! Just by mentioning Marxism in this post I may be spreading the infection! Oh my God. I think I'm losing grip on my need to own property. Property is not theft! Property is not theft! Ayyyyyyyeeee gxslkc xz Property is nt theft! Property is theft! PROPERTY IS THEFT!!!

Lard, I think you may be right. My cat just turned red.

Ever hear of the Gramscian march through the cultural institutions, boys?

Are Americans already brainwashed? Soviet defector Yuri Bezmenov warned that, through media manipulation, Americans would be brainwashed, so that they would refuse to accept reality and would see their Marxist enemies as their friends, and their friends as enemies. Bezmenov said that, leading the brainwashed population, there would be “people who lack moral principles, cynical, egocentric people who can look into your eyes with angelic expression and tell you a lie” (Obama, Castro, Chavez, Morales, Correa, Odinga). Listen to Yuri Bezmenov http://www.dailymotion.com/video/k6KUDv1wzraWhwlBt1

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