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October 09, 2008


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Voter fraud should be punishable by placing the perpetrators in the public stocks. Public disgrace is the antidote to arrogant liberals.

How? HOW? How have we come to this? The corruption is so blatant, so deeply rooted, so pervasive - this isn't the country in which I grew up. And yet, it is still my beloved homeland.

It seems like every single time we root out these cynical thieves on one hand, they flower elsewhere.

I think this is why I like cats - they're completely authentic!

And come to think of it - granted I'm sure ACORN found fertile ground in Cleveland - there are some areas that are profoundly distressed there - but it's already heavily Democratic in its orientation anyway? Most of Cuyahoga County is Democratic - it's the outlying counties like Lake or Geauga that it might make a difference.

This certainly explains why the Dems are so VEHEMENTLY opposed to picture ID at the polling places!

I know that many people have been taken by surprise on this ACORN thing, but really, it's been going on for years and years - we're only just hearing about it now in places other than Illinois.

I would be willing to bet that most voter rolls in the country have 1/3 to 1/2 of their lists being people who shouldn't be voting in that precinct any more. I'm pretty sure I'm on 3 voter rolls in Illinois and maybe even one in Missouri.

My husband got a jury summons from Missouri even though we haven't lived there for 30 years - he was still on the voter roll there! He had to write them to get his name removed so he wasn't given a contempt of court citation - how silly is that.

Voter rolls are a joke. Unfortunately, they're all we've got for now. Not sure how to change it.

"Cats are neither Republican nor Democrat but Independent." Sissy, that should be in Bartlett's.

Maybe a November loss will galvanize Republicans into becoming community activists - following groups like ACORN around, and sitting at the polls to observe. Here in NH, our last election had lots of "observers" up from Mass.

I've got your submission for carnival of the cats.

It's really too bad great groups like ACORN, who actually went through and discovered many of these irregularities by self policing are getting such negative press. They do a lot of good.

Bonnie: All I know about Acorn is what I read online. It sounds mighty disreputable and one-sided (Democrat) to me. Tell me more about your sources that tell you they're up to good things.

Thank heavens for MA primaries. I vote democrat all the time in them, as there are no viable candidates in any other parties here in Somerville. Also, I will have less problems with fraud accusations if I vote as a democrat here - have documented before the problems a republican can have in Camb/Somerville at the polls. (My big running joke among my friends and former coworkers is that my two cats - the dead one and the alive one - are registered democrats in ward five precinct one.)

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