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September 16, 2008


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Have we become so soft and ignorant that we can no longer face the facts of life? There is no free lunch. Some one pays. If we destroy the free market with Goverment intervention we all will pay through less freedom and a lower standard of living.

In discussions with liberals nearly my entire life, it always seems to come to the comment "Let the government take care of it." to which I reply, you ARE the government - and I get this dead fish, gape-mouthed stare and if any comment is made at all, it is "Wha.....?"

Our Federal government should only be responsible for defending the homeland, regulating interstate transportation and large items such as that where individual states cannot be effective. In all other areas, the states, cities or municipalities should be the governing authority.

Let George Do It! is in reality the road to hell in a handbasket!

"The banking system is reforming itself right before our eyes, without the advice of Congress or new regulation," write the WSJ editors. "Nor is this largely the fault of the Bush Administration, as Barack Obama claims, or of some lack of regulation, as John McCain asserts."

So well stated.

Such a great post, with perfect images included.

I am rather surprised at the enormous 'populism' being pushed by the GOP Ticket.

Expect the folly from the Liberal Democrat Party, but the offering of the McCain Camp really did not inspire.

Regardless, Mr. Ott is such fun.

But never fear, Nancy Pelosi, looking quite frazzled these days, is going to investigate!

Oh my...

This is the infamous Speaker who could not even understand the 'eminent domain' ruling.

Nobody seems to be willing to discuss the fact that John McCain was alert enough in 2005 to see the subprime mortgage market as a huge danger and attempted to do something about it. But the Dems in Congress wanted no part of any reform and defeated the effort. Once again, the Democratic concern for the little guy manifests in stupid lack of common sense or ability to see the natural progression that was obvious even in 2005.

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