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September 17, 2008


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I fear that economically ignorant politicians in their quest for power and acclamation are leading the USA down the golden path of economic dictatorship that has been the glory of Communism and socialism.

Your previous post, which references the tulipomania so well documented in Charles Mackay's landmark study in Human Stupidity, Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds, shows that things, alas, have not changed.

George Santayana's words still ring true, as clear as the eyes of the Chelsea Grays. And always will.

"Mitt's doing his best to shore up McCain's econo creds, but it's an uphill battle. Moving on to Obama, we agree with fellow Pajamas Media Network Blogger Webutante, who asks rhetorically "Who and What are really to blame for the current banking and mortgage crisis? Candidate Obama hasn't got the faintest clue."


Too bad we don't have an articulate, proven CEO, with serious accomplishment, who understands the power of the free market, on top of both tickets.

We had a good one in the GOP Primary, who was optimistic, sound, classy, and could answer a serious economic question without looking into a teleprompter, or make some populist slur of others.


Well, one can only hope the disastrous Obama fails, and the fine Gov. Palin has enough coattails to get the Maverick a win.

But John McCain seems to have a tendency to lean way left in many ways, and his offering this week has been weak.

Even a big McCain supporter, Mr. Fred Barnes actually admitted on FOX News, that he was worried about the populist offering.

Shouldn't these high profile Beltway Pundits have expected this, after years of experiencing the Maverick's manner?

However, who knows, maybe John McCain will go on to be the greatest President of all time.

At least be a sound commander in the GWOT.

Goodness knows, Obama and the Democrats remain to be entirely irresponsible.

Still wanting to undermine the successful creation of a two Free Democracies in Iraq and Afghanistan, for their own petty greed.

Nancy Pelosi has looked so lost these past two weeks, blaming GW Bush for everything, stumbling through various press conferences.

Sadly, these Pelosi Democrats are sinking us all.

McCain was sounding the alarm in 2005. From Barney Frank, we have heard zippo, zilch, nada! And Pelosi's brain is so addled with excessive Botox that anything she says is patently absurd. The DEMS are the ones who have blocked any attempts at reform and it's time people started both knowing it and voting based on it!

I am afraid the biggest problem is the principle of the economical "driving" itself. Economy, especially the biggest in the world, is like a big ship, you turn the rudder and the ship starts turning few years later. I believe the roots of this crisis are hidden in the efforts to "help" the economy back in 2001. And I am worried if today's "help" (especially the bailouts) are not a good base for another, bigger crisis coming in some years...

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