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September 21, 2008


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I keep trying to find time to comment... don't have time for anything requiring long thought... what a week.

Love your colors and for some reason I'm wondering how come Tiny or Baby aren't curled up in the middle of such an attractive pile of clothes. *grin*

Light is amazing.

Mr. Einstein was obsessed by it, for good reason.

Are those clothes now washed?

I watched the speech made by Our fine President.

All the while, thinking how unfair, unethical, unseemly it has been for so many to have slandered this decent Man.

Even regretfully thinking of how the Presidential Nominee of his own Party has treated him.

In the end, President Bush leads with responsibility.

Amazingly, President GW Bush will provide cover for both Senators pushing vapid populism, even as they are irresponsibly demeaning him for personal political gain. Again, GW Bush proves to be a real leader, only interested in what is best for the USA and the World.

Isn't telling to see Senator McCain hide in photo ops with the sound Mr. Romney now?

Sadly, John McCain's ambition has placed him in a position beyond his ability (the same can be stated for Obama - and many other Senators in Washington). His slide in the polls is his own doing, partly due to his complete lack of credibility on simple economic issues, and a juvenile tendency to panic with a bitter frost, trying to irresponsibly place blame on everyone else.

The sudden rush to Washington to hide behind the crisis and bi-partisan commissions looks very desperate.

Hoping the wonderful Gov. Palin can inspire, but this is perhaps too much for anyone to ask.

McCain is a disaster, who will probably return to debasing President Bush and his Administration, after the strong President saves him in this pinch.

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