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September 26, 2008


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Minor point: although the HG's World article does include several Vietnam pictures, the one you reposted above isn't one of them- there most assuredly weren't any F-22 Raptors around then!

Thanks, Bill. I've corrected the copy. :-)

The practical effect of the McCain scoot to Washington was to get all the nations reporters in one place; Instead of half covering the campaign and half covering the bailout talks, they were all in Washington, focusing the nations interest.

This seems to have had a good effect.

If Senator McCain continues to shift the playing field on this neophyte national campaign as he has done so far, they aren't going to know whether to moisten their own BVDs or pull up their socks! Never mess with an old Navy pilot! And in the meantime, by putting America First as he proclaimed he would do in his campaign, he once again proved that he does honor his own stated values - unlike his opponent who has all the constancy of a snowflake on a raging hot griddle!

Americans who support McCain are idiots who are just not capable of overcoming their racist views to vote for a highly intelligent black man. McCain is a gambler, he doesn't think, he gambles, and he will gamble with your well-being. He is not an honorable man . He's a liar and a cheater who will do just about anything to win. It doesn't matter if Palin performs well in the debate, she is not in her league. She's a pathetic woman who believes in sarcasm and talking trash. People who call themselves christians and support this ticket are simply hypocrits. There is a God and I know that he will intervene for Obama.

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