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September 01, 2008


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Good men have good women behind them.

"If McCain can get the votes of all the women who were pregnant at their weddings, it'll be a landslide!"

How about us parents of 17 years olds who went though the same experience. I have an 11 years old granddaughter I'm very proud of.

It's kind of amazing that, since we haven't had a woman president or VP, we haven't yet had a husband in the supporting role in those two top positions.

I can't think of a more appropriate Pioneer for this Political Frontier than Todd Palin.

My prayers are with him and his family in this trailblazing journey. God bless you, Todd.

It is particularly interesting to read the relentless disparaging comments from the so-called "feminists" of the left about Palin.

Let's see: A high-achieving pro-choice feminist whose daughter wasn't pregnant was unacceptable to the Dems. Now a high-achieving pro-life feminist whose daughter is pregnant is unacceptable to the Dems.

You go girls!! There's always 2016.

Check out the father-to-be. Looks like Palin may be a "hockey grandmom" too.

Obama: no decision-maker; no courage:

Sarah Palin has government executive experience. She has lots of experience actually making decisions - as Mayor, Commissioner, and then Governor. She's been in elective office since 1992.

Barack Obama has been in elective office just since 1997 - and always as a legislator. he's never had to make executive decisions in a government administration like Gov. Palin.

Indeed, Obama often could not muster the courage to make even a legislative decision - he frequently voted "present."

See here.

God will be mad at GOP !

That's what sex-ed classes are for, Sarah !

Bristol's future is now in jeopardy, because her mother Sarah is a jesus-freak.

The above comment was kinda snarky. I just googled "experience" and guess what popped up? At the top of the page it had related searches: Obama experience.

Laura Bush looked beautiful tonight. She was dressed in Reagan red I think.

Sarah Palin has more class in her little finger than either Barack Hussein/Michelle Obama or Bill/Hillary Clinton. But give Barack credit for saying it shouldn't be on the table in the first doggone place.

And Bill, there's a very apt saying from the Bible: "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone." On that basis, perhaps it's time for you to holster your tongue, knave!

The Bush Family, especially First Lady Laura Bush, are simply outstanding.

Such decency, class, strength...

Gov. Palin has a great deal in common with this amazing Bush Family.

She is such a welcome addition to this Political 'quagmire'.

Gov. Palin really impresses, and doesn't have to resort to the political gaming, triangulation, 'con', of many Beltway Celebrities we all grow weary of encountering.

Hopefully, she will inspire more Politicians to choose her template, but perhaps it is too hard for some, as she is indeed special.

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