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September 18, 2008


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Sarah Palin. A free and capable leader who is not afraid to be a woman.

goomp is absolutely right. She is a real woman and that scares the bejabbers out of them! The women's movement was supposed to be all about choice - yet they deride hers. It was supposed to be all about equal opportunities for women. She has certainly taken that lesson to heart. She has chosen her own path and since, as you so aptly say, it is not THEIR path, they are confused and frightened and thus react with shrill incomprehension and venom, thus proving how much they lack true intelligence.

Many feminists (or women in general) lack logic. They react emotionally, that is just how many of us are made. Sarah Palin has the ability to communicate both logically or let's say reasonably and with passion. That's just too much for women who have had their mind and emotions set for life. This new species threatens all they have known.

"All of my women friends, a week ago Monday, were on the verge of throwing themselves out windows..." "Every woman I know was in high hysteria over this. Everyone was just beside themselves with terror "

Delightful! Tee hee! Sissie, these sorts of statements warm the very cockles of me heart. Thanks for making me break out in a very big smile.

When I was in college my roommate, suite mates and everyone at the end of our hall would have a five o'clock scream on every Wednesday afternoon. Maybe that will help the high hysteric women. Or smelling salts.

The Wednesday 5 o'clock scream sounds like a great idea! I know a few men who might join in, though they might prefer the Thursday night groan.

No matter how it's reached, through feminine or masculine thoughts or means, there is a bottom line. There's no need to make the feminine route a longer one as so many "modern feminists" do.

Great post again.

So much energy goes into fashion, it is an incredible human obsession.

Image is everything, or is it?

Why do women wage war on their own eyebrows?

Thinking of eyebrows, Nancy Pelosi looks very unhealthy, like as if she is constantly surprised, or vacant.

I was so disappointed this week with the Maverick ticket. Firing the SEC? Claims the SEC Chair betrayed the American People? Confusing the SEC with the FEC? Populist this, populist that, populist everywhere? Bitter, angry, ranting, anti-Business?

I genuinely wish Gov. Palin was the GOP Presidential Nominee.

Came here thru The Wide Awake Cafe - hope you don't mind if I stay awhile.

As you can tell from my signature, I'm in the "Northeast Corridor"; don't let that fool you! I am in reality a conservative trapped in the liberal wasteland that is the North East.

Just making sure that's clear - I have a bumper sticker on my car that says "McCain/Palin" and a lawn sign that says the same thing. I dare to be different.

I'm a rebel.

And I love shoes.

I think you have articulated what is in a lot of people's (particularly men's) minds: Obama being elected will usher in a tidal bore of troubles, reminiscent of Jimmy Carter in 1975. Most of us older men remember how dreadful and clunky women's shoes were in the 70s -- particularly in the last years of that decade -- and how sleek and stylish they became when Nancy Reagan entered the White House. Don't even start with HRC's mankles, combat boots, and pantsuits.

O.K., I candidly admit it: I am a fan of a nice pair of (ladies') legs wearing stiletto heels. It is my only failing..

I follow enviously after Sarah Palin's shoes selections, and i believe that this girl is not only smart, but also knows how to pick her shoes. Having said that, her taste is too rich for my blood

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