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September 25, 2008


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So, like the unethical attempt to give McCain the credit for the SURGE, Carl Cameron is now going to try to tell Americans John McCain made this deal work, even when he wasn't in Washington?

Carl Cameron has sunk ever since the GOP Primary.

But again GW leads with strength, and all else follow.

Isn't it ironic to see these Senators running for POTUS, both who repeatedly push populism and demean the Bush Administration for personal gain, are turning to GW for cover?

It is all regretful, as we have so many who are far more worthy for this essential Office in Our Nation.

Sorry, as much as I think the world of Gov. Palin, as much as I understand the need to defeat the misguided Democrat Party, John McCain continues to breed folly.

His declaration of wanting the Clintonite failure named Andrew Cuomo as his SEC CHAIR, inspired a McCain supporter to write me, saying the Maverick Senator might as well name disgraced Gov. Eliot Spitzer as his new Campaign Chair.

John McCain is simply an embarrassment.


With all the self declared rush to get to Washington, why did John McCain stop to provide vapid acclaim to Bill Clinton, at the Clinton's shady 'Initiative' this morning?

Wasn't the crisis demanding Senator McCain's immediate return, even with the deals already near completion?

When one is truly needed, in a hurry, they don't stop to make grandstanding press conferences about it, nor do they take the time to visit the Clinton Foundation.

Obama is a disaster, but the vapid Maverick is deeply flawed.

hnav: I share your feelings of distaste re McCain's taking credit — and appreciate your dark humor re Spitzer as Campaign Chair — but have come to think of our own George W as a Christ-like figure in this way, despised and rejected, a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief, unappreciated in his time but who will be redeemed by history.

Politics is not for the faint of heart!

I also must opine that although hnavl sees conspiracies and calumnies afoot vis-a-vis the beloved and much abused GWB, I think Senator McCain could act only one way in this instance and he did so. The very act of his coming off the campaign trail (however tardily) and putting country before self even if it was only a p.r. ploy, showed more presidential behavior than the Hamletlike wringing of hands and dithering of Senator Obama. This is not presidential behavior, nor is whining - and Obama has started doing that.

To know Senator Obama is to disdain him. I don't wish the man ill, I just want him to shut up and sit down already!

Thank you mighty SISU.

I hope you are correct.

But it is truly sad, the Nominee of the GOP, must debase this fine President on a weekly, almost daily basis.

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