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September 30, 2008


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You couldn't have analysed and explained more clearly the mess our elected representatives have gotten us into. How many of us have the courage to know and admit the truth and then accept our share of the responsibilty.

Common sense and the devastatingly handsome Babe. What a high point for my Wednesday!

My late cat Rocky used to do the "top of the cupboards" thing - but he usually did it as the result of an earthquake. His brother Booboo although large of size was slow of movement and usually ended up frozen in place in the middle of a room. Rocky, on the other hand, always headed for the high ground. And wouldn't come down, sometimes for hours. Where he was, that was where he stayed and made his "sit"! Heavens I still miss that lad! He was 15 and diabetic when he died and I love him now as I did when I could hold him cuddled in my arms. I absolutely adore my Sam, but Rocky was a special, special boy.

"If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs...then you probably don't understand the seriousness of the situation."

Take a strong dose of Reagan-era deregulation, add a few shots of Dem-style "community activism" à la ACORN, whisk in some good old-fashioned human greed and stupidity, and you have the seeds of today's financial Cluster-(notaniceword).

Both sides of the aisle share some responsibility for allowing this mess to fester and grow, and they will both have to suck it up in order to fix it.


Somehow kitties make the world a better place, don't you agree? Especially yours, Elisson, and Sissy/Tuck's brood and my own Sam thee Wonder Cat. This morning he started his usual campaign for me to open the French doors in the master bathroom so he could trundle out onto the deck (he has a kitty door - he just prefers to be served). So finally, despite how chilly it was, I obliged his portly self! Two minutes later he came barreling back into the house, threw me a dirty look as if it was MY FAULT it was chilly outside and dove onto my bed that I was TRYING to straighten and under the covers! So once again, thanks to my big lad, I started the day with a snort and a giggle.

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