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September 20, 2008


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Cats represent the spirit of independence upon which this country thrived before corrupt politicians tried to destroy independence to gain favor from those who fear it.

Goomp: DId Purrky write that comment for you? :-)

Sissy - The Babe looks a little skinny in that first pic. Everything okay with him or is my perception just skewed by living with his royal lardness, Sam the Wonder Cat?

He's all fur. I watch what he eats so he doesn't lard up. :-)

Sam is all fur too - but still, he's also all cat!

His latest - Saturday I opened the French doors in my master bath to the screened deck so he'd have really, really easy access, since I wasn't feeling very perky. Then I went and curled up on the recliner, with a cozy comforter around me and started reading a good book. Sure enough - within an hour I heard "rap-rap-rap" on the dining room sliders!

I finally walked over there, looked at him with total disgust, and then as I have been trained to do - opened the stupid doors for him.

He really has me trained!

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