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September 07, 2008


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All humans are a mixture of kindness and hatred. Those who are unable to understand this see those whose ideas differ from theirs as stupid or ignorant or evil or all three. I ought to know. Even though I understand the nature of the beast I can attribute evil to MSM and ignorant intelligentsia who don't understand human nature.


Gov. Palin deserves as much focus and attention as possible.

Very proud of a fine AMERICAN Women who is decent, honest, strong, reasoned, sound.

A real message for Washington, and aged Beltway Insiders who have become Celebrities doing absolutely nothing.

Hoping she can carry the fine Hero from Vietnam.

And perhaps embrace the sound policies of GW Bush a little more...

We are all imperfect beings - granted some more so than others (and then of course there are the Saddam Husseins of this world). But Ms. Tiny is an enduring joy to the eye, as is the manly Babe!

As to Gov. Sarah Palin - I think the left and their bodyservants in the media will find their noses bloodied sooner rather than later with this virulent campaign being waged against her. While it may have flown against GWB (although history will rewrite that meme in the fullness of time), against a WOMAN and a MOTHER OF FIVE? Major backlash and it's already starting to happen!

Personally, other than voting on election day and, of course, expressing myself whenever the spirit (or my resident imp) so move me - I think I'll just admire the photographs of Tiny and the Babe, together with (brace yourself) photos of Sam the Wonder Cat. Indeed, Gayle has finally gotten her own paws on a digital camera and photographs are on the horizon!

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