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September 14, 2008


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They are going for a rollback.

We already switched to Clicky! Thanks for the update, though!!

When I clicked on sitemeter this morning I tried to click back and it wouldn't let me. I hate when that happens. Sitemeter is useless to me now. I hope we do get the old classic back.

Great site!

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I far far prefer Stat Counter (statcounter.com) which I've used for about 3 years. I do have Site Meter, but the only reason I've kept it is because of the TTLB Ecosystem. I'm debating whether to continue with both or not. I never get any hits at all from the TTLB and I seldom look at my "ranking" so it doesn't seem worth it.

Plus Site Meter was (after the rollback) causing IE to crash on some blogs - mostly blogspot and Word Press run blogs.

What a mess.

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