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September 10, 2008


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And of course all of this was fueled by Obama using that phrase in a speech yesterday - which most took to be a veiled (or not so veiled) reference to Gov. Sarah Palin. In any event, while the leftwingcaptive news media isn't making all that much of it, Fox News is all over it this morning. The consensus is that however he meant it, it was another gaffe from the Gaffemeister Himself, the junior Senator from Illinois.

"democratic pollsters might well catch everyday folk off guard with their false premise that democratizing Iraq is not central to the war on terror."

They seem stuck on this vapid approach, having invested so much on the defeat of the Free World in the Midst of the Arab Region, for personal political gain.

Even when Hillary voted for the authorization of the use of force in Iraq, she was too pathetic to be honest about her vote.

Meanwhile, GW Bush led with such admirable resolve, fighting rightly for the best in the World.

It is always refreshing to look back in time, and see such impressive posts from the past.

Especially when sound conviction proves to be as right as it was then as it is today.

I think at this juncture it's more important, certainly more useful, to concentrate on what His Nibs from Illinois is saying on topics such as GWOT, healthcare, reproductive matters - and I am tired of being fobbed off by all his high flown rhetoric. If you cannot tell me in terms certain what you really intend to do, then why in the name of all that is sensible should I vote for you?

(Well, actually, I never intended to vote for the flimflam man - but you get my point I'm sure.)

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