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August 20, 2008


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There is some code you can add to your blog template to prevent people from hijacking your image files, using the command htaccess.

This page gives a detailed instructions on what needs to be done.

Let me know how it goes. I have a chronic problem with people boosting my images but haven't been motivated enough to put this code in place.

"Great topic & it has covered several points regarding
subliminal messaging technology. It was fun reading your article. You might want to check out http://www.chargedaudio.com as they have a whole range of articles and programs related to subliminal messages."

Argh! you got me to checking my own google-opoly on "orange walls" (one I didn't try for, but there it is) and I have been knocked out of my top spot too. I'm halfway down the page. Oh, the ignominy of it all!

Typepad may have something in place already to stop hotlinking - I would think it would already be active, but maybe you have to set it up yourself. You may want to check out their help pages or drop their help desk a line.

quieti: Thank you for your suggestion, but that is way too technical for me. Sigh.

Patti: Sorry about your losing the top spot for "orange walls" -- a cool topic I'd never thought of! -- but my image/link hasn't been bumped down the page. I'm not in the running at all. My image is only a means of redirecting the googler to the hijacker's site.

Teresa: Typepad Help recommended I contact Google, which is no easy matter. 'Entered the issue into a Google help group, but when I went back to check for responses, couldn't find my entry. Nobody said it was going to be easy. Thinking about it, 'am not at all sure it's a hotlinking issue, if I'm understanding the term correctly. The hijacker uses Google's link referencing my image -- not the image file itself on my server -- to redirect the googler to HIS site. The searcher bypasses my site altogether. Hmmm.

Sissy, a lower-tech approach might help. Rename the image file on your server, and edit your post to refer to the new file name. The SquidWho link is probably hard-coded to refer to the original file name, and so until they notice you've changed it, theirs won't work. Maybe. This would at least be easy to test!

Back again... This article, the last of a series of three, discusses the problem in some detail. There's a link there to a Google form for you to complain about this kind of thing, but I don't know if it's still active. I'd never heard the term "googlewashing" before, but it sounds exactly like what has happened to you.

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