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August 31, 2008


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If he's running XP, Lavasoft's Ad-Aware can remove it and it's free. I have it on the old, never used anymore PC. More on the virus at http://www.precisesecurity.com/blogs/2006/07/29/w32myzorfkyf-removal/ Not sure what would work with Vista.

Unfortunately a reload of his system is in order. With the latest garbage infections you can't get rid of all the hidden junk by trying to delete it. Although you can sometimes manage to make the computer more usable by stopping the virii from the task manager.

I hope you weren't trying to log in to anything while the virus was in action. If so, you might want to consider changing passwords on things. Especially email accounts. If this virus sends out account info to bad people, you could end up having your account being used to send spam among other things. *sigh*

It's still the wild west out there on the net.

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