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August 22, 2008


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Well, it would certainly be a novelty to have a Republican administration in place that will articulate its position instead of leaving it to bloggers as the current administration has seen fit to do. Of course that assumes he will continue speaking if he is elected... not a true "given" as the election process requires speaking, but once elected this requirement vanishes.

In any case, we must await events.

I hope Tuck gets enough dry weather to get his garage project finished. We love the car... beauty in unexpected places indeed. *grin*

Humankind is a pack animal. Pack animals need a leader. In the case of humans the wisdom of the ages has found a divine leader more satisfactory than a fellow human. Based on results in the 19th and early twentieth centuries the Judeo-Christian religious philosophy havs produced the best results for the pack. Recent developments have found many adrift as they doubt the existence of this god and wish to replace its teachings with what they think are new and better philosophies depending on the innate goodness of humans. Unfortunately, humans have both innate goodness and innate evil in their nature. Those who wish to see the goodness triumph must be prepared to physically suppress the evil.

For the past 8 years, W's silence in the face of the foulest of rhetoric being directed against him and his administration has baffled me! On some levels, I think it teeters on the verge of saintliness. And on other levels, I think he has been a damned fool.

Allowing bullies to rant unimpeded by a little sane commentary is foolish - or at least that's how its look to me.

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