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August 17, 2008


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Maybe Obama has his head cocked so he can read his notes on what to say.

I think his skin, no matter the color, is thin. All the remarks about his "elitist" and superior mien have gotten to him. Those scads of pics with his head in a lofty 45-degree gaze into the future had to be countered in some way.

The Obama also used the word "Yo" a couple of times to begin his response to a question.
I guess that was to demonstrate his street cred with any of the hip-hop crowd that may have been watching.
Yo Obama, get some chops then come back and see us in a decade or so.

Great insight about Obama and this first gathering of the two Nominees.

I especially enjoyed that amazing photo with BABE and Senator McCain in the background!

Of course Obama is a disaster, but at least his offering does match the misguided Democrat Party. Perhaps like Pelosi, this vapid nature will benefit the more sound alternative.

I think when John McCain now claims he will do everything he never tried to do, in all those years in the Senate or the House, I simply grow weary.

It was a good line to reference Nancy and Crew leaving for Vacation, but I couldn't help but think that John McCain hasn't been at work in the Senate for some time.

I wish he had been leading the effort for Domestic Drilling, passing legislation to stop Pork, joined the President to fight for the reform of Social Security, many years ago and wonder if the promises of today mean anything.

Some of the these current Vows seem to be slight digs on the Bush Administration, like this recent promise to get Osama Bin Laden.

Chasing to the fires of hell?

We shall see, but if we are fortunate to have this Maverick Republican as President, he best deliver on that promise after such a passionate display.

I can only see Hillary running ads, asking why John McCain hasn't gotten the Terrorist still, prior to the 2012 elections.

My concerns would be greatly tempered, with the a return of the GOP Majority in one Body of Congress.

One can dream...

Sorry, I still can't bring myself to watch this stuff.

Since we're stuck with 2 Senators running for this office - we're stuck with 2 men who have had a chance to change things and done nothing. (if the nominee had been Hillary, you could say the same thing) Obama has had less time to do nothing on the national level and more time to do nothing in Illinois. It comes out about even.

As for a GOP majority - they had it - they blew it big time - hugely big time. Unless they get something approaching actual leaders in the party, the only way to prevent disastrously bad law making and money grabbing is to make sure the split is about even and no one can get anything passed. The entire bunch needs to be swept out... but that will never happen.

In the meantime, gridlock is our friend. Heh.

WHEN is this torture going to end, that's what I want to know. I'm sick of Obama and his paper thin resume and his almost-absent character. I'm not wild about Senator McCain but at least HE can be trusted to keep us safe. And I agree with goomp - Senator Obama was checking his notes.

It looks like an expression of CONDESCENDING ARROGANCE to me.

But then, what else would you expect from a RAVING MARXIST?

Thanks for the link/update.

Maybe his head tilt to the right is his attempt to appeal to the right or at least center. Only thing right about him.

Gridlock is not always our friend. Now Pelosilock is downright stupid considering most people don't like paying $4 a gallon for gas. I hope the Dems gets voted out of being the majority in Congress, her in particular.

Even some Dems don't like her but for different reasons.

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