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August 01, 2008


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Hail the ignorant who seem to dominate our media. Of course many people will not vote for a candidate because of his race or his religion. A century ago a Catholic could not have been elected president. Today being a Morman or having some negro ancesters will infuance some voters. So what? If it is still a free country that is their right.

Well, people are definitely locked into something unpleasant. The unscientific poll on my site has not only Obama winning, but Ron Paul ahead of McCain. I love nonscientific polls...

Well... you may be right that the candidates are talking about issues that don't concern the voters, in the sense that they're not straight policy-wonk debates.

But in another sense the things being discussed do concern voters, because they center on character. Voters want, or should want, to know exactly who who these people are. What makes McCain tick? Obama? Character counts.

Also, love the cat photos!

I don't pay 'tension to politicks or sell-ebritees, but squirrels - them I can watch fur hours. I can belief in squirrels. Purrs!
~ Victor
Beautiful cat pictures! I'm jealous.
~ Tabbymom Jen

Character counts!

Sam the Wonder Cat has been extremely busy of late as the back yard is being repaired, supplied with much fill dirt, regraded, re-topsoiled, reseeded and covered with straw. He has been seriously stressed, between caring for and guarding his ailing "mom" and supervising the yard work, a poor pussycat hardly gets any rest at all.

I'm on the mend but still need a little time to pull it together.

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