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August 26, 2008


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Our original national anthem, "America," My country 'tis of thee, which preceded "The Star Spangled Banner," spoke of land of the pilgrims' pride from every mountainside let freedom ring. Today it is land of our shame and let government rule from every crevice so that we may emulate the foreign dictatorships.

The Republican podium has dignity and class - not to mention some flat out patriotism. The DNC podium is like far too many Dems: cheap and flashy!

IF some Hillary-generated bomb doesn't drop and IF Obama/Biden actually becomes the ticket (which I still don't think is a sure thing), the Dem ticket will bear constant watching. Rosary Joe Biden has always been madly in love with the sound of his own voice and as a result is prone to foot-in-mouth disease on a fairly consistent basis. Me, I'm looking forward to that! And also to watching Sen. Biden try to continue to present himself as a good Catholic boy after the verbal whupping administered to him by the Archbishop of Washington, D.C. this morning on the subject of Joe's pro-abortion stance and how the good Senator has no business receiving the sacraments under those conditions. Ooops.

Well, you certainly have far more fortitude of spirit than I do. I had to suffer through a few of the scenes from last night's dog and pony show while at my dentist today... gag me with a dental mirror...

I don't watch conventions - if there is something spectacular or completely out of the ordinary - I know I will see it on youtube within 10 minutes of the happening, so I don't even worry about missing anything. (well, I never really worried about missing anything - but hey - now I have backup *grin*)

Interesting post on the Conventions...

I actually stomached a little of the Hillary homage to Hillary.

Very amusing, like a poorly done comedy routine.

Still curious about what is 'historic' for a Celebrity to lose to a virtual unknown in a DNC Primary Race.

Hillary's Campaign was a disaster, and the speech isn't much better.

You didn't like the line about the "sisterhood of the traveling pantsuits"?

The Republican podium is set in the middle of a giant Union Jack formed by the seats?

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