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August 12, 2008


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What is it that makes humans such victims of envy and the need to place their failures on the shoulders of those who are making the economy stronger?

Your cats look gorgeous as always, awesome pics. :)

Oh wow - love Baby in the window. That's a terrific pic. :-)

Of course we are all into easy fast solutions. Get it solved in 30 minutes or it's not good enough. OTOH - some of that "get it done now and make me happy" has gone quite a way in fueling a pretty nice lifestyle for us. So, it has its good and bad points.

I do love Sowell he is wonderful. As a nation, our kids would fare much better in the world if his books were required reading. But as they don't fit the communist criteria for what to teach in schools - it will never happen. However, having put children through that system, they did turn out okay and seem to now understand (since they have to pay taxes) that sometimes you have to work and wait for stuff and the government handing it to you isn't the best way to go about things.

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