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August 14, 2008


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That is a very handsome cat - not as handsome as the Chelsea Greys or Sam the Wonder Cat - but still, that cat does at least come CLOSE!

It is the nature of living things including humankind to obtain the best results obtainable from the situations which we face. Continued existence depends upon so doing. Verified trust is essential. Unverified trust leads to poor results and economic and even virtual slavery. Retribution to those who violate our trust is essential for an ordered world.

Are your critters Maine Coons? That looks like a ruff on their chests.

Mitch -- We're convinced there's some Maine Coon in there. Vet thinks so too. Besides their looks, the Chelsea Grays have the presence of that noble breed. How is Winston?

Well Sam the Wonder Cat is also a Maine Coon. Aren't they a magnificent breed? And I love the ruff! Are yours vain about having that groomed? Sam certainly is. He absolutely PREENS when I get to that part of his daily "toilette"!

Gayle: Magnificent they are. Tiny loves to have her ruff combed, but Baby is a bit tetchy about being groomed and may quickly turn, i.e., grab your hand or the comb itself with tooth and claw. :-)

Winston, I'm sorry to say, has fallen in with bad company – the dog – and picked up bad habits, like sniffing butts and humping legs.

"It's still trust but verify."

I'm always highly amused that liberal foreign policy is "trust every other country, but never your own". The naiveté is astounding. They would never conduct their own lives in this manner, yet they expect us as a country to do so.

As usual, I see Tiny and Baby are in fine fur. *grin*

Love it! The images as well as the message.

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