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July 09, 2008


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Oh! Happy Day. Recorded for posterity as always by the magic lens of Sisu.

Having had a sewer pipe replaced many years ago (just 6 months after moving into a house) I know the relief of having the job done and not having to worry about that horrid backwash anymore! Yay!!!

Stop and think about the rarity of actually finding someone who is willing and able to do any kind of work in that arena any longer? With every passing day, competent professionals in the plumbing, electrical, mechanical trades are less and less available. So I congratulate the good Sissy and Tuck on finding these excellent fellows!

Sissy - I finally got a digital camera - at a yard sale. Works great. Now all I need is for my software to install properl!

Gosh. I hope it was cooler in Chelsea than it was here.

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