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July 05, 2008


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Yes and no. One celebrates the freedom of expression while holding one's nose against the poor taste and lack of manners.

Mea culpa - this cries out for puns and giggles.

It's all an endowment problem. I think the Catherines have proven that they have both unalienable rights as well as lefts, proving that all women are not created equal.

You should probably be grateful that whatever Google match "only" picked up Catherine from endowment. It could have been much, much worse - like an ad on TV for male enhancement drugs.

Um... LOL. Well, I guess there are advantages to being so small no one would consider advertising on one's blog. ;-)

Talk about breaking the brass ceiling! Your sense of humor never fails Sissy!

I actually used to buy my bras there! Before I had the boobectomy! NOBODY needs to be a double H!


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