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July 01, 2008


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An excellent tribute to the analytical mind and literate ability of the remarkable Charles Darwin. Today too much worship is given to IQ and too little to analytical ability.

I am trying very hard to see how he can compare Darwin and Newton. The two men worked on completely different subjects.

Darwin gave us the theory of evolution.

Newton gave us gravitational theory, the laws of motion, the telescope, calculus, along with a few other formalized things like principles of momentum...

Newton's work gives us some major building blocks of our current way of life. Darwin's work is more geared toward our outlook on life.

These were 2 totally different types of men and I'm pretty sure that the school they attended didn't appreciably change their personalities.

So by all means celebrate Darwin, but if we want to get into "who has made the most impact" type of argument... look at the lists above - which one impacts our lives more if it is removed?

BTW - the accomplishments of both these men would very likely have been made by others (as the Darwin story proves - someone else had already caught up to him - before he published for the world)... in Newton's case - it might have taken longer thus impacting the course of development timelines.

I'm not saying either man was better than the other - just that comparing them is not practical.

Also important, gathered from Darwin's work, is that the Bible is not necessarily literally true on all parts.

Heck, it also says that the proper value for pi is 3, and not 4*atan(1). Don't get me started on that one....

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