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July 11, 2008


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Hundreds of years from now, we may have a better picture of the damaging effects arising from the ascendancy of the Western diet.

Abundance - in excess - is deadly to creatures forged in the evolutionary fires of Want.

Ten days in Japan, eating a distinctly non-Western diet, helped me take a step back and realize just how pervasive - and pernicious - are the effects of the Western diet.

"Treat yourself to a host of small portions of delicious and colorful, sweet and savory dishes..." - a perfect description of the Japanese style of eating.

Fat butts are a rare sight there...yet good beer is a given.

Driven behavior causes great progress and also great disaster. When to use moderation is the secret to success.

The random thoughts while reading this post:

- Changing the diet is more than just changing how you cook and what you eat. It's about changing the way the brain thinks about food. It really is "all in the head" and "all in the attitude". Without the change in thinking - it isn't possible to keep the weight off. Most people think of a diet as temporary no matter what they say to the contrary. They never make that mental change and so they fail. It's not easy, but you prove it can certainly be done!

- I saw an interview with Katherine Hepburn not too long ago (it was a replay of an old interview show - can't remember which). She talked about making "The African Queen". She was the only person on the set to become deathly ill. She was the only person on the set who refused to drink alcohol - period. She drank the water and ended up with some sort of intestinal malady. She was very lucky she didn't die out there!

- Beer is nearly food - real beer that is. I've often heard people say "it's like drinking a loaf of bread". Real beer also has high amounts of B vitamins in it. Wet nurses used to drink it to keep their milk production up so they could nurse babies.

- Sadly I hate the taste of beer. I can't drink it. I do like white wine - so I stick with that when drinking alcohol. LOL.

Now is all that disjointed enough for you? LOL.

I just know that if my posterior expands any further I'm in big trouble! Can't afford a new wardrobe so I'd doggone well better start living a healthier lifestyle and thank goodness there's the cold turkey cookbook. My daily lunch is almost always little bites now. I sit and sip a nice lemonade, peruse a good book (in a concealing cover - everyone in my office is a liberal - why fan flames) and just take deep breaths. On moderate days there's a lovely roof garden atop my office building from whence I can gaze watchfully at the White House! Life could be worse!

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