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July 20, 2008


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A wonderful example of the fullness of life lived under the guidance of the wisdom of the ages. How do we impart this wisdom to those who believe that because they question the existence of God that that wisdom is of no value and that their random ideas of how humans should conduct their lives are superior to what has been learned and codified by the great Judeo-Christian thinkers?

Sissy, I haven't followed WYD closely at all, unlike the trip to the US when I was glued to EWTN all week. Anway, I did read that sermon, and I thought of you when reading that line. Yes, we do all want to be recognized and appreciated.

Benedict says things that bely his intellectual brilliance, and at the same time, what he says goes right straight to your heart. He is an amazing man. Truly, truly the Vicar of Christ.

I cannot escape the comparison between the fluidity of the message being articulated by two quasi-religious types (Senator Obama and Albert Gore) and the firmly consistent and utterly loving message being presented by the Excellent Benedict.

He makes me proud to be a Catholic!

This is a terrific post with two very different messages---one political from and of the flesh, the other from the Holy Spirit. I'm not Catholic, but am deeply moved nonetheless.

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