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July 31, 2008


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It is time for clueless Greens and other assorted Liberals to take a walk. A walk down the halls of reality. Of course care should be and is taken not to caerlessly disrupt and pollute the environment, but to think the world can be a well groomed botanical garden and still provide a world in which we can survive is ridiculous. Go and experience nature in the wild and see if you can even exist. Newspapers have pretty well outlived their usefulness in this day of the internet. My only use for them is as a source of free linings for cabinet floors. Send the Chelsea Reocrd a few of your photos of the salt dock as a source of "Beauty in Unexpected Places".

So if the "beautification" pushers manage to push Eastern Mineral out of Chelsea... have they told anyone how the tax money from the company (that I'm sure is quite a nice chunk of change) will be recouped?

Nah - let's not think about such mundane things as money to run the city when we can "beautify" it. After all, they can then just raise everyone's taxes - right? First raise them to cover the huge gaping hole left by the company no longer being there to pay. Then raise them again to cover turning the "eyesore" into a park... yada, yada, yada...

These people make me tired.

I am confounded by the anti-salt comment. Here in the Great Lakes State, a big portion of our economy is still based on shipping. Cargill Salt is just down the shoreline from the riverside park in St. Clair, MI. It's part of the charm of the area, including freighters, loading docks, and even the traffic delays caused by drawbridges!

I got a giggle out of the comment about "drawbacks that make the waterfront a less than ideal place to go for a stroll or take a leisurely walk." One of my favorite places to walk around here is a trail through a preserved section of marsh and natural prairie, but the drawbacks include mosquitos, wild animals (it's one thing to see a coyote or buck in a field; quite another to turn a bend and find one within 10 feet), and ankle-twisting animal holes. It's been my experience that when urban people speak of "walker-friendly" parks along the river, they mean landscaping with pavement, plantings of non-native plants, and using herbicides and nitrogen-based fertilizer that harm the watershed.

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