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June 07, 2008


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Isn't it great fun to have loving friends who understand part of our world and we part of theirs but some mystery always remains between us?

So how many pictures do you have to take to get these lovely results? I especially like the one with the "glow" behind Baby's head. *grin*

I like your cats attitude.They are looking great.

An enchanting post, by a marvelous and greatly admired writer, about two enchanting felines (and I admit that I am hopelessly in love with both of the cats - fortunately Sam is not aware of my faithlessness). What a nice start to my Monday!

Sissy, I always enjoy your photographs, as does my American Long Hair and my Scottish Fold. But when they saw Baby with the Red Sox on the tube they both went nuts... dancing and frolicking and yelling Go Red Sox... (spoken in Katisch of course).

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