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June 26, 2008


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LOL - I kept mine to the photos of photos... not knowing which you would like to display. I'm glad you liked a few of them. :-) I just got my post up now! It was such fun!

It is great to see you looking so beautiful and enjoying the recognition of your work.

Congratulations on the exhibition, Sissy! You look every bit the artist you are; love the outfit! :)

It's nice to have your beautiful self revealed at last. Now when I read your marvelous prose, I can also envision your beautiful face as well!

Ah, that goomp - what a thoughtful guy!

Glad the evening went so well. You definitely deserve any and all accolades available.

The Sissy Willis fantastic. Definitely beautiful! Wish I could have been there.

Now I am really annoyed I got caught in traffic. What a wonderful evening – one would never know that outside the heavens had opened up. Again, congratulations. And your outfit was superb. Thanks to Teresa and Tuck for the pics.

One of the interesting things about blog posts (and the world) is that different people are struck by different things. I was not familiar with the construct of New Urbanism v Post Urbanism v Everyday Urbanism, but clicked through your links. The other half is an urban designer/ landscape architect, so I am definitely familiar with New Urbanism.* I hadn’t specifically thought of it as the prettified incarnation of Utopianism, but oh, how true. Several years ago he (and I) wrote an essay that was incorporated into a book on Reston Town Center, a project he has been involved with for twenty years.

“The town center coming into being represents a series of decisions by several owners, working in tandem with planners and designers. "Over several decades, with each new set of proposed plans, key questions arose: How far do you take the making of a plan? How much structure is too much? What is the balance between a framework for order and an allowance for creativity to blossom within that order? This is a summary of the individuals, the precedents that influenced their thinking, and the decisions they made, EVOLVING FROM CERTAINTY TO FLEXIBILITY.“ (my emphasis)

That is the problem with New Urbanism: everything is certain, with no allowance for the flexibility that is necessary for the unexpected. There can be no beauty in unexpected places, because there are no unexpected places!

Thanks for helping me make that connection.

*Not a great thing, in his opinion.

Thank you all dear relatives and friends for your kind comments and warm support of what my sis and I always refer to as "me and my show" (AKA MAMS).

Be sure to check out Carol Ward's excellent comments re the dueling utopian and nonutopian Urbanisms. This, re New Urbanism, is a gem:

"There can be no beauty in unexpected places, because there are no unexpected places!"

It called to mind the humaniziing individual remodelings of the rows of virtually identical Levittown houses. Something there is that doesn't like to be fit into a one-size-fits-all template.

Wow Wow Wow !

So sorry I was unable to make it.

Congratulations !

So wonderful to see such talent honored.

Three cheers indeed.

What a thrill.

Congrats, Sissy! Love the bag. ;)

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