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June 04, 2008


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A fun read. All I need to know about tomatoes. Now I know more about the sex life of plants than I ever imagined existed.

And they taste good too!

I am quite awestruck by the fact that my brand new basil plant survived yesterday's "interesting" weather! (Yes, Sissy, a tornado touched down less than 1/2 mile from my house. Sam the Wonder Cat was NOT amused.)

OK, now I know I'm not a gardener! Good luck with the tomatoes :)

I am turned on.

LOL - I will head down to the garden stand that is 2 miles from my house... even my son commented on how good the tomatoes were when he was home. And those are early (one assumes hot house variety) generally not the best tomatoes, but these people know how to do it (must get their technique from the bees). *grin*

Wow..I hope its a great biological term.Thanks for sharing.

After reading this post, I need a cold shower.

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