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May 29, 2008


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McClellan was scorned when he was press secretary because he was a clumsy oaf. Nothing has changed. The only difference is that now he is being used by his former colleagues because they know they CAN.

Is this the same testimony that Scott McClellan gave to the grand jury or federal investigators vis-a-vis the Plame affair? If it is not, can we all spell perjury trial? Obstruction of justice? Being a doofus?

Why wouldn't Scooter Libby and Karl Rove have frequent chats (and nowhere can McClellan claim that he knows the subject of those conversations because he admits he didn't hear them)? Their offices were almost directly across the hall from each other. Although I must admit being seen conversing with a co-worker is highly suspicious!

Also, the publisher of this "hit job" is a close ally (or a financial partner) of George Soros - our favorite leftwing whack job. People have already asked "what's in it for Scott McClellan" to do this book? How about getting street cred with the looney left wing? McClellan is dumb enough to crave it.

Either we're becoming more astute in spotting these "put up" jobs of the Left, or they are getting clumsier. Maybe a little of both?

Gayle has it just right. When you need recognition and can't get it in the real world, join the ignorant fantasies of the liberals.

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