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May 07, 2008


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I'll go with photos first and the written word second for remembering events. But the unusualness of an event brands it in our memory. For events forgotten, either the written word or the photo may be the best source of recall depending on our recall system of that event.

While I usually enjoy looking at pictures of an event, I've never been a good enough photographer to be the one taking them.

I think you need to be so tuned in with your camera that it's second nature. This is the only way you can take pictures and experience the event. If you have to fuss with settings and all kinds of things - the moment will definitely be lost.

This is something I'm finding out while searching for a new camera and for some guidance on how to take pictures. The other thing I'm finding is that it's damned difficult to get a view finder that works with "old eyes". LOL. I think I'm gonna have to shell out some bucks just to be able to see what I'm taking pictures of. How weird it that! So, in the meantime - I'll leave event photos to those who know what they're doing. ;-)

That photo of Baby's "glare" is much like the imploring gaze of a Sammy seeking treats. Sometimes it is really hard to differentiate.

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