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May 01, 2008


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With the help of ignorant so-called intellectual liberals maybe the American people can elect a potential dictator.

For a man to look his best, he must wear his uniform or a tuxedo. The photos prove the point though I do wonder what he would look like in a tux.

"Bill Ayers is just a nerdy misguided college freshman who never grew up and cannot stop playing revolution."

I don't agree at all... this is very dangerous thinking.

Never underestimate your enemy. The more everyone considers Ayers to be a "misguided" young man, the less accountability he will have. (after all you can't really blame a child for doing the wrong thing - how could he know it was wrong...)

Underestimating means you don't take them seriously this gives them wiggle room. Before you know it, they'll take you out and you won't know what hit you. Keep your eyes on him and counter his moves because as ridiculous as he is, he can and has done quite substantial damage, both physical and mental.

IMHO that is not childlike at all nor is it playing.

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