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May 17, 2008


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People like Blackburn are so proud that they have become atheists that along with their belief in God they have discarded the thousands of years of human experience and wisdom that led to the great moral codes of the Judean-Christian world. Until the time I was in college in the days before World War II my belief in the Christian God was absolute. Like Blackburn what I learned changed my thinking. I no longer believe in a personal God and I have no explanation of why or how the Universe exists. I do feel that mankind's experience has led to knowing that codes of moral value are needed to live a civilized life and a look at the world today shows that the codes developed by Judaism and Christanity as adhered to in the 19th and most of the 20th centuries led to the development of Western Civilization which was until the birth of relativism, nihilism and multiculturism the most successful ever divised by man.

I rarely disagree with Sissy, and even more rarely with Goomp, but from the article alone, I certainly disagree that Blackburn has "discarded the thousands of years of human experience and wisdom that led to the great moral codes of the Judean-Christian world."

It sounded to me more like he was defending them, just not their religious basis. If not, it won't be the first time I've been wrong.

As for his snipe about the last five years in the U.S., it was sort of like "btw, I don't like Bush however irrelevant he may be to this discussion."

Donna -- I agree with you (phew!) . . . Blackburn seems to be with the pope on the great moral codes. I was objecting only to his gratuitous, reflexive dissing of the Pres. Probably a signal of species recognition to his fellow atheists?

I'm so relieved we've got that cleared up now :-)

I love that BDS is a "signal of species recognition".

I think that what Blackburn understands as a clear-thinking atheist is that without recognition of a transcendental lawgiver, one that gives us the natural law written on our hearts (as well the laws of physics, biology and mathematics), there is nothing except brute power.

We saw too much of that in the 20th century.

But about GWB - he is absolutely, positively WRONG. Thanks to the Anchoress, I read the entirety of the Knesset speech and it's wonderful. Yeah, yeah, I know - he has speechwriters. BUT they don't tell him what to think, he tells THEM what to write. That easily could be one of his greatest speeches.

Good heavens, we could easily find ourselves instead listening to the mindless, content absent blatherings of that huckster from Illinois - I guess if we survived James Earl Carter, Jr. we can survive Barack Hussein Obama - but do we need to learn our lesson that badly?

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