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May 25, 2008


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The thing I find truly disturbing about Michelle Obama is her haughty attitude toward her fellow Americans. She feels perfectly free to spout whatever scurrilous claptrap that crosses her mind and, according to her husband, should never been called to account for her spoiled brat mouthings. Why should she get a pass? What is so "special" about her? Or is this the cult of victimhood protecting its own, as in "If you are a victim, you are exempt from criticism." which is too often the Left's mantra.

I think it is time for both Obamas to understand that, once he sent Michelle and her magic mouth out onto the campaign trail as his surrogate, spousal privilege no longer applied. When SHE is speaking on HIS behalf, HE and she are both subject to the critique of the listeners. If they don't like it, that's too bad, because it is an integral part of the political process in this country whether the Obamas like it or not. And if they thought they'd somehow be exempt, they are either naive or dumb or both.

Nice juxtaposition of Michelle and MLK. Night and day.

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