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May 13, 2008


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If one eats like a Japanese,
The pounds melt off with shocking ease.
Replacing heaps of grease and beef
With rice and fish will save you grief.
Their tiny morsels, packed with flavor,
Are works of art for you to savor.

One need not starve to live life slender.
Just don't eat the way winos drink on a bender.

Great tasty morsels. I think many of the obese eat from boredom or to relieve stress. Your system requires thought, and too many don't want to be bothered, as their lifestyle shows.

The other thing people do almost all the time... "clean their plate". It's something mothers pound into young heads at an early age and people don't even stop to think in later years.

They eat because there is food on the plate and even if they are full, they don't stop!!! Just say no - eat until you are satisfied but not full, then walk away.

The other thing people do (to the detriment of their waistlines) is sit at a table with leftover food that should be lunch for tomorrow... continuing to munch away at "little bits" while chatting. As you say there is no mindfulness! They talk and pop something in the mouth because it's there. *sigh*

Best thing to cure that - get up from the table once you've eaten the main dinner. It might even be good to serve dessert elsewhere. Put away the uneaten food so you don't keep stuffing while talking. (harder to do than to say I think *grin*)

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