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April 24, 2008


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As I was reading this, just as I got to Michael Novak's words "the will of the people," Nancy Pelosi, on "Larry King Live," uttered those exact words.

Having lived eighty-eight years in the freest and most economically successful nation the world has ever known, it is depressing to see overpaid underproductive so-called intelligentsia undermining this great nation. Wake up America. Stop throwing money away by supporting those who would educate our youth to hate what only
fools would not love and admire.

goomp - I've logged 65 years on this planet and I could not agree with you more!

It's time to start reminding these idiots that unemployment can be their lot if they keep up the nonsense! Now that I think of it - I feel a blog post coming on!

What a chilling, encapsulating truth Novak proclaims in "Relativism means this: Power trumps." How contrary to the Judeo-Christian respect for the individual.

What's happened to our schools as you rightly write is frightening. The future they are creating is built on shifting sand and not the sure rock of truth. We can see not the pursuit of excellence or the pursuit of truth, but the pursuit of diversity and a single acceptable system of thought.

Any objective analysis of economic systems cannot but come out four square for capitalism and private property.

I tend to agree with Evan Sayet's eloquently succinct summarization of what the Leftist educators are teaching their thralls: that "rational and moral thought is an act of bigotry."

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